Dead Mile Dance

Dead Mile Dance

Dead Mile Dance began their adventure together sometime in 1999. The band members, all veterans on the east coast music scene, had an instant chemistry from the moment they jammed. They bring together a wide and diverse range of musical experience. The fun they have performing together is evident at every show. They are most noted for their three part harmonies, duel leads and soulful groove as well as regularly having guest musicians (and local drunks) come up and jam.

The band, which has become a Tri-State area favorite, plays a mix of southern and classic rock anthems from artists such as the Allman Brothers, Eagles, Creedance, Doobie Brothers Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Beatles and many other great groups you instantly recognize.

Jimmy Miller: Bass, Vocals
Brian McFarland: Drums/Percussion
Steve Harris: Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Vocals
Tom Strand: Electric/Slide Guitar, Vocals